What if I told you that the distance between where you are and fulfilling your dreams is closer than it appears?

Would you go for it? Would you write down what you want, and start brainstorming the ways to achieve it?

Or would you choose to continue the saga of why you aren't where you want to be, and all the reasons why?

A person of Authority is someone that would go for it.

A person seeking permission will continue to wait for the storm to pass. They will wait for the right time, or wait for the stars to align.

So, which are you?

You must be willing to step up and be the certainty for yourself. Otherwise, you risk placing your beautiful life in someone else's hands.

If you have the idea, it is worth doing.

If you have the inspiration, the world needs it.

If you have the nudge and you think it rocks, launch it.

You are going to fail. You are going to feel fear. You have got to do it anyway. Lean into it. You know that fear is always bigger in your head than it is in reality.

Don't waste anymore time. You deserve to take action now. Let's go!