Me: "Where is the ketchup?!"

Husband: "It is right in front of you, on the first shelf."

We all have done it, right? Searching and searching for something while our minds are somewhere else. We miss the very thing we are looking for, and it ends up being right in front of our eyes.

The Truth works in that same way.

We search for truth, while we miss that we hold the power to access it within.

We dismiss the immense intuitive power we hold within and rely more on experts to guide us than ourselves.  

DISCLAIMER: Experts are important to make certain decisions. However, not at the expense of our power. Expert advice needs to be in addition to it.

Commit to honoring your truth. Honoring your truth can come in the form of speaking it, standing in it, sticking to it, or facing things in the way you want to. 

Ask yourself, "How do I feel?", "What do I think?" or "What do I really want?" in situations you are in. It will help you get to your truth so that you can follow it as you go forward.