So much of what the work is now, is learning what we think we know our perception of ourselves in the world is. 

What is limiting us because we are viewing the world from a worm's eye view instead of a bird's eye view?

If you look at perception, it is easy to understand that perception is our filter of the world, so just like you choose the filter on Instagram, you choose a filter by which you see the world.

If your filter is clean, your results are infinite!

But, how do we clear our perception filter?

1. Look at the blocks, struggles or any judgment of things that can or cannot happen in one way or another and inquire what is my perception of how this works?

2. Ask yourself, is this viewpoint supporting who I want to become? 

3. Are there any filters that are expired and are from a time where I created more safety from external circumstances that I need to retire now? 

Just know that you can activate all perceptions or new versions of old perceptions when you feel disconnected from yourself or others. When you’re uncertain or insecure, the power is to identify the filters that are holding back your flavor of life.

Today, I invite you to follow these steps and clear your perception filter. When you clean up your dirty filters,  you move into the space of becoming more childlike and when you can occupy more of the perception, you play in the plane of infinite results.