The purpose of the Inside Out Success Method is to really be able to succeed from the inside out and for it to be sustainable. Once you get to reach benchmarks of achievement after achievement, you feel truly fulfilled and free at those benchmarks.

Halfway into my career, I was achieving like crazy, but each time I would get to a benchmark, I would feel a sense of emptiness in a way. I found that this methodology was what I had created for myself because I lacked that freedom and fulfillment at these key points in my life where I should be overjoyed. 

The methodology is built on four pillars: awareness, ownership, intention, and realization.  I've found that those four principles really are the right approach to support us in every endeavor, so that we can not only have that success, but have that fulfillment. By doing so, we are able to step into all of our power, elevate everyone along with us, and raise consciousness.  At the end of the day, that's the bigger purpose.