There have been multiple times this week that I have been in the middle of a project and inspiration in one form or another came through. 

You know what I mean? That thought to call that person, or a nudge to revisit that idea you have put on the shelf?

It is time to listen with intent to these inspirations. That is one of my commitments to myself this year.

The inspiration that you have, the desires that you have are specific to you. They are oftentimes a next step, or a hint to take another step, that by taking will position you to soar.

We have spent enough time in obligation. Why not choose inspiration?

Recognize how it comes through for you. It may be when you are writing, in nature, or in the middle of a meeting. There isn't a right way.

It is often the environment that you are most alert and can be reached.

Think of yourself as a cell tower. Your signal is strongest when you are happy.

Choose happy, and choose to tap into the profound power of co-creation.