Have you ever experienced a mindset shift where you moved from constriction to abundance?

When you operate in the space of the highest and best good of everyone involved, you start to play on a different level completely. A ripple effect starts to happen, where all of the sudden,  you move from constriction and fear to possibility, abundance and  expansiveness.

You have a choice and you can make it in the moment because it ties into the two internal states that we all have access to, which are fear and love. There's a beautiful state or a suffering state. If you really desire something, you have a choice to lead and to vibrate in a beautiful state for the highest and best good of everyone. 

Even if you have in the past had moments where you've questioned, even if you've been in fear or you don't know how to do it, all you have to do is make the choice. Be open now to step into the highest and best good of everyone and everything involved, and your guidance will show you the way.