Each activity, relationship, and situation holds a different vibration for each of us. The ultimate goal is to be in resonance, to be present with yourself first, and then the people, situation or circumstance second.

Part of where we get caught up, is that we switch from one activity to another. We give it no further thought, but to rush and get to the next thing, and get frustrated because we find that we are either not present when we do get there or we find that we are thinking of the situation we just left instead of where we are currently.

The piece to realize is that your state must be managed, and the vibration station must be changed when you go into different situations.

Think of it like using the proper tool for the job. You wouldn't try to use a saw when the job called for a hammer.

Similarly, you must be in the appropriate vibration for who you want to be in any given situation; furthermore, the vibration that you want the people you are with to feel while they are with you.

If you can practice this, then you can bring all of you to each situation you are in instead of fragmented pieces of you. Doing this will lower stress and positively impact the people you are with, leaving them feeling like they got all of you.

Practice this throughout your day today. 

If you find yourself getting irritated, feeling off, or miffed at all throughout the day ask yourself:

"Am I present or somewhere else?" 

Then ask: 

"Am I focusing on myself, or the other in this situation?" 

As soon as you can see that you can answer yes to either question, you have opened the gates to welcome all of you back to the current moment.

Resonance is presence. It is a choice and it needs your attention now.