Recently, I was preparing to speak on something that I had wanted to for a long time. It was important to me. I was pumped up, and ready to let ‘er rip! My energy was high, and nothing was getting in my way.

As the week began, each time I would log into the virtual meetings to address the topic, my sound wouldn't work. Everything would be working just fine and then as soon as I would begin to speak on the topic, my sound went out.

It wasn't my IT setup either. My hubby is brilliant with tech.

I got curious. What could it be?

I laughed. Could this be a test? Am I being tested to make sure I am really ready to speak on this?

As soon as I declared I was ready and unplugged, and replugged the speakers, it started working again. I wasn't going to let this get in my way. 

When you are stepping into all of you, there will be tests to check if you are serious. You will be tested to check if you are ready. The way you respond either communicates you are ready, or not.

If you stop, or act like a victim, you communicate you are not ready.

If you keep trying, go around the mountain, over the mountain, or hire an excavating team, and keep SHOWING UP, you are communicating that you will ALWAYS MAKE THE WAY. That you are ready.

Make the way this week and laugh at those tests as they come your way. Nothing is bigger than you!