When you are having a problem, if you pay attention, the issue is never about the obstacle, it's about what you're thinking or feeling about the problem.

Think about how you are feeling about a problem or obstacle, and realize that by having a “victim’s mindset” you are giving your power away. 

What's so interesting about humanity is that our brain is created to keep us in, just to save us, just to help us survive. Our language and the tools that we have as human beings are so important in how we use them and because of conditioning and how society works,  there isn't a lot of guidance around language from an early age.   

Whether  something is frustrating or bugging you, when you give away your power, you are excusing yourself from your seat at the table. If you have a situation you need to work through, if there is any mention in your conversation of “because of this person”, or “because of this situation”, you are basically blaming external factors instead of taking 100% responsibility. 

If you don’t take full responsibility, you are leaving it up to chance.

Look at every situation and ask yourself:  “What is my hand in this?”

What's so cool about it is you are able to lead the situation, the solution and the outcome that you want, of course, for the highest and best good of everyone involved.