As a kid, I loved my chemistry kit. It was all about mixing, and concocting. I remember I loved seeing the reactions that would happen when I mixed one with another...then...


That wasn't the mix, let's try another, one more. I remember hours would fly by in no time.

It was an opportunity to play. It was an adventure, and it was about the journey. 

At some point, that changed for me. Maybe it changed for you too. Your chemistry kit could be photography, or a sport. At some point it was time to get serious and grow up.

It seems to me that we haven't grown up. In some ways, unconsciously, we have gone the other way.

Our unique expression is imperfect, messy, funny, silly, and playful.

Embrace yourself. Belong to yourself. See the truth about yourself.

Your ability to be totally, and authentically you is directly related to the level of success and fulfillment you experience.

A few clues that you may be disconnected from your soul's true innocence:

Do you experience a great deal of stress? 

Are you quick to react? Quick to defend?

Are you questioning if you are on the path to fulfill your purpose? 

Are there areas of your life that you feel like you are just going through the motions? 

Reconnect to yourself, and have the faith to take the step into where you are being led. I assure you that you will be 100% supported by the universe.

You are here for a very important reason. You deserve to embrace all of you. The magnificence that you are is a true gift to the world. The world needs you now more than ever before.