I love looking into triggers. For me, they show up to provide information about the situation and also what I need to up level in myself. 

If I am being triggered, it’s more about something that I need to clear in order to become who I need to be to move to my next level of biz/life than it is about the situation. 

I like to think of triggers as gifts.

What can we do when we feel triggered?

These are questions I go  through when I have a trigger or run into a roadblock:

1. What is this showing me about a gap in the biz or in myself?

2. Is there anything about this strategy/activity in the business that needs to change based on my current and projected level of success? The idea that what got you here won’t get you there.

3. Am I trusting myself? 

4. Am I giving away my power in any way?

5. Are my beliefs about my current and future level of success in alignment? 

6. Are there any meanings that I am giving to this that may need to be deleted, or upgraded?

Going through this quick exercise helps me to deal with the situation in certitude because I’ve taken full ownership of any of my part in it.

Today, I invite you to go through the same exercise when you feel triggered. It will help you deal with the situation in certitude, because you’ve taken full ownership of any of your part in it.