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My mission is to smash the shackles of suffering by shining a light on the truth so that you can achieve anything you want to.

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The inspiration fueling every pursuit has been to simplify success, shine a light on the truth of whatever may be in the way of it, and show others they can do anything they set their mind to.

Founder of Catalyst Group, and Creator of the Inside Out Success Method, Stacy started her real estate company Catalyst Group at the early age of 19. She sustained her company through the housing crisis of 2007-2010, and continued to scale her business beyond the 7-figure mark, to become one of the top performing real estate teams in the state of Idaho. Stacy’s experience is vast; she has been a single agent, has run a team, and has even operated as the Broker for Catalyst Group. She has personally funded and sold a development project consisting of 11 upper tier luxury homes while still operating her real estate team.

Now, Stacy guides female change makers all over the globe, to discover inner freedom and fulfillment using the Inside Out Success Method in her premier consulting program.

The purpose of the method is to accelerate transformation, create lasting success, and do it all from a limitless, beautiful inner state.

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