Pay Attention to Patterns

Patterns, Patterns, Patterns...

Patterns, patterns, patterns everywhere! 


Today, we’re diving headfirst into the mesmerizing world of patterns. 


No, I’m not talking about your grandma’s favorite floral sweater or the funky wallpaper in your childhood home. 


We’re tackling the patterns that sneakily control our lives and turn us into unwitting victims.



The 6 Pattern Paradigms

Let’s delve into 6 common pattern paradigms, each revealing its own tapestry of insights and revelations; hidden threads that shape our understanding of the world.


1) Distorted Sense of Self: 

“Mirror, Mirror on the Wall, Who’s the Confused One of Them All?” 


Ever felt like you’re wearing X-ray glasses that only show your flaws? Welcome to the distorted sense of self pattern! It’s when you can’t accept the fabulousness that everyone else sees in you. Compliments? Nah, just a sprinkle of awkwardness. Success? Well, you’re too busy feeling inadequate to enjoy it fully. Let’s face it; you’re your own worst critic and the lead actor in the drama of “I’m Not Enough!”



2) Lack of Self-Worth: 

“Oops, I Did It Again (and Again and Again)!”


Picture this: You’re pricing your products as if you’re selling dollar-store knockoffs instead of the premium goods you offer. Why? Because deep down, you doubt your own worth. It’s like you’ve been bitten by the undercharging bug, and you just can’t shake it off. You’re spending more time explaining things than a NASA engineer explaining rocket science to their grandma. It’s time to hit the stage with confidence and value yourself like the rockstar you truly are. 


3) People Pleasing: 

“The Great Balancing Act of Yes and No!” 


Cue the applause for the masters of people-pleasing! You can charm your way through any social gathering, but secretly, it’s exhausting. You’re a ninja at saying yes when you mean no, and your ability to put others’ needs before your own is remarkable. However, let’s not forget that you’re starring in the “Rescuer, Victim, and Persecutor” show, and it’s time to step out of the triangle and start saving the day for yourself!



 4) Lack of Boundaries:

 “NO is Your Superpower!” 


Imagine having a superhero cape that reads, “I’m open 24/7, come on in!” Well, that’s what a lack of boundaries feels like. You become a human doormat, constantly letting people walk all over you. It’s time to don your superhero cape with a bold “no” emblazoned on it because “no” is your new favorite word. Establish those boundaries and protect your precious time and energy like the superhero you are!


5) Withholding/Holding Yourself Back:

“Self Sabotage Shuffle”


Lights, camera, action! Oh wait, hold on, we need another take because you’re stuck in the withholding pattern. Your fear of imperfection has turned you into a master of holding yourself back. The fear of not getting it right keeps you from expressing your brilliance, and your inner critic is the overzealous editor slashing away at your potential greatness. 


You know that dance move where you take one step forward and two steps back? Well, that’s the self-sabotage shuffle, and it’s time to change the tune! Holding yourself back is like being your own arch-nemesis, sabotaging your progress at every turn. Take a leap of faith, break out of your self-imposed chains, and dance to a new beat—the beat of your potential! 


6) Resistance: 

“Change, Schmange! I Know What’s Best!” 


You’re the boss, the captain of the ship, and change is just not your thing. Your resistance to new ideas or fresh approaches is like a wall between you and growth. You’re convinced you know what’s best, and no one can convince you otherwise. 


We all know that change can be scary. It’s like being thrown into an epic kung fu battle, dodging punches left and right. But here’s the thing: you’re the martial arts master of your own destiny. Embrace change as your training ground, kick those resistance demons to the curb, and unleash your master moves. The only way to level up is to face the challenges head-on and emerge victorious!


Cracking the Pattern Codes


Congratulations on uncovering the intricate tapestry of patterns that have been subconsciously shaping your life! 


Which pattern resonates with you the most?


Is it the dance of self-doubt, where every step forward is accompanied by a whisper of uncertainty? 


Or perhaps you’ve been the architect of self-sacrifice, consistently putting others’ needs before your own?


Maybe you’ve weaved a web of self-sabotage, unknowingly hindering your own progress?


Or perchance you’re the guardian of comfort, resisting change and settling for the familiar?


Identifying the pattern that strikes a chord within you is a pivotal moment of self-awareness. 


It empowers you to break free from the invisible chains that have held you captive and opens the doors to self-transformation. 

It’s time to reclaim your worthiness, define your boundaries, and step boldly into a new chapter that can serve as a testament to the extraordinary power of breaking free from patterns.



Break the Pattern Paradigms

For more tips on how to pay attention to your patterns and how to identify your most prominent paradigms, listen to podcast Episode 5 Of Becoming by clicking HERE or Watch the Video below!


Episode 5: Addiction to Awakening: Patterns

In this episode we discuss:

💎 Our addiction to patterns – and how to identify them so we can change them.

💎 The patterns associated with distorted perception of self and questioning self-worth

💎 The patterns associated with people pleasing and lack of boundaries

💎 Universalizing the idea that everyone has struggles – regardless of how successful they have become

💎 How the pattern of resistance and withholding becomes a double-edged sword