The 3 Secrets to Becoming

In our fast-paced lives, we often overlook the significance of establishing a profound connection with our inner selves. 


But only by acknowledging our internal disconnection can we truly embark on a journey of self-discovery and growth.


Think of it as setting a GPS for a cross-country road trip. 


We need to know where we’re starting from to chart the course to our desired destination. 


Similarly, connecting with our inner selves allows us to navigate life’s challenges with clarity and purpose.


In the modern world, it’s no secret that many of us feel disconnected. We walk through life on autopilot, seeking validation from external sources and losing touch with our authentic selves. The past eight episodes of my “Addiction to Awakening” series on the Becoming Podcast have shone a light on this truth, awakening us to the need for change.


So, what’s next after becoming aware of these patterns? 


That’s a common question, and today’s blog has the answers. 


It’s all about the three secrets to becoming: connection, ownership, and decisions. 

The 3 Secrets

Let this section serve as a guiding light, propelling you towards becoming the best version of yourself in both your personal life and business ventures. 



The first step toward transformation is connecting with the reality of our lives. We must recognize the addictions that have unconsciously governed our actions. By doing so, we gain a deeper understanding of how these patterns have both helped and hindered us in the past.

Take, for example, the addiction to overachievement. While it may have led to great success, it might also have left us feeling empty and unfulfilled. Connection helps us see these dynamics and their impact on our lives.


Moreover, connection goes beyond recognizing external patterns; it’s about connecting with our inner selves. Prioritizing self-connection over seeking validation from others allows us to create a life fueled by authenticity and joy.



Once we establish a connection with ourselves, we must take ownership of our lives. Ownership means acknowledging that we are the creators of our reality. We lead our lives, and the power to make changes lies within us.


For example, if we realize that seeking validation drives our decisions, we must own up to this pattern. Accepting responsibility for our actions empowers us to take charge of our lives and break free from unconscious behaviors.



Making a decision is the final step in our becoming journey. It involves committing to change and embracing a new way of being. When we decide to prioritize self-validation over external approval, we reclaim our power and create a life aligned with our true desires.


Remember, these principles are not one-time fixes. They are daily practices that gradually shape our lives and align us with our purpose.


Homecoming to Becoming

Now that we’ve explored the 3 secrets on your journey of transformation, let’s dive into the essence of becoming. 


Becoming is not just about achieving external success; it’s about finding our way back to ourselves.


Throughout life’s journey, we often leave parts of ourselves behind as we evolve into different roles. However, true becoming involves embracing all aspects of ourselves, reconnecting with our authentic core, and using that essence to drive our pursuits.


The most crucial aspect of becoming is returning home to ourselves. 


By focusing on our internal state and embracing who we truly are, we can create lives filled with fulfillment and purpose.


Becoming is not a destination; it’s an ever-evolving process. We don’t need to change our intrinsic selves to achieve success. 


Instead, we must tap into our authenticity and align our actions with our heart’s desires.


As we continue this exciting becoming journey, I invite you to prioritize connection, ownership, and decisions in your life. 


Embrace the power of self-validation and come home to yourself. 


Remember, you are already equipped with everything you need to create a life that aligns with your truest self.


And if you need a reminder, listen to this EPISODE 9 of the Becoming Podcast today by clicking HERE, or watch the video below.


Until next time, stay curious, stay inspired, and keep becoming the best version of yourself.