Unleash Your Voice & Go From Suppression to Expression


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It’s Stacy and Abbey, your hosts from the Becoming podcast and we’re thrilled to dive deeper into a recent episode that left us buzzing with excitement – “Suppression to Expression.” 


In our journey through the “Addiction to Awakening” series, a major truth hit us like a lightning bolt: our addictions, whether they’re to substances or self-destructive thought patterns, can seriously hinder our ability to express our true selves. 


This realization prompted us to explore how we can move from a place of suppression to one of fearless self-expression and we’re about to share those insights with you right now!

How To Go From Suppression to Expression

1. Recognize Your Patterns


Have you ever felt like you’re holding back? Maybe you’ve got something incredible to say, a dream to chase, or a passion to pursue, but there’s a nagging sense of unworthiness or self-doubt holding you back. Identifying these patterns of suppression is the first step toward breaking free. Acknowledge the moments when you’re not letting your true self shine, and you’re halfway there.



-> Check out episode 11: Addition to Awakening: Patterns by clicking HERE for additional support. 


2. Embrace Vulnerability


Abbey, shared a powerful personal story about her journey from suppressing emotions to finally embracing vulnerability and authentic expression. Vulnerability isn’t a weakness; it’s a superpower. When you open up about your struggles and show your real self, you create connections that are genuine and deeply impactful. Vulnerability is the bridge to conscious leadership and meaningful relationships.


3. Conscious Leadership and Authentic Expression



Here’s the golden nugget: authentic expression is the secret sauce of conscious leadership. When you step into your true self and openly share your journey, it’s like an invitation for others to do the same. As a conscious leader, you set the tone for your team by showing that it’s okay to be imperfect and human. This fosters an environment of trust, collaboration, and growth.


4. Own Your Transformation



Owning your transformation is empowering. It’s not just about finding yourself; it’s about creating yourself. Every step of the journey, every experience, contributes to your growth. Instead of hiding your past struggles, showcase them as badges of honor. Your transformation isn’t just inspiring – it’s a roadmap for others who are on their own journey from suppression to expression.


5. Step into the Spotlight



The transformation from suppression to expression is a journey to your personal spotlight. It’s about shedding self-imposed limitations, breaking free from societal expectations, and showing up authentically, even if it feels uncomfortable at first. 


Remember, your voice matters, your story matters, and your unique expression is what sets you apart.



From Page to Podcast

So, there you have it – some of the insightful takeaways from our podcast episode, “Suppression to Expression.” 


But here’s the deal: as much as we’d love to dive deep into every nook and cranny, there’s a treasure trove of wisdom waiting for you in the full episode.


We invite you to tune in and join us on this transformative journey.


Listen to the full episode HERE and let us know how these insights resonate with you. 


Embrace your journey from suppression to expression, and together, let’s light up the world with our authentic selves. 



Until next time, keep shining your light!