Leave These 3 Things Behind in 2022!

2023 beckons with the promise of a life full of abundance and achievement – but only IF you dare to break away from old habits that have been holding your destiny captive in 2022.


With a few conscious shifts and a willingness to cast off chains of confinement, you can step out of stagnation and into success! 


This article is your invitation into true freedom, a journey where no apologies are necessary on your path toward fulfilling all that 2023 has waiting for you.


So get ready to start your new year by stopping these 3 things!


Leave These 3 Things in 2022

1. Justification

Wherever you are justifying why you’re as big, bold, and amazing as you are…

Wherever you are justifying what you’re doing and why you’re doing it…

Wherever you are saying, “I’m doing this for that…”


These are the biggest indicators that there is a condition to what you want. 


And oftentimes, we become too comfortable justifying those conditions – why we took a certain route or made a certain choice- that we end up feeling stagnant in our life and career.


In order to move forward and grow, we need to take ownership of our decisions rather than relying on excuses, explanations, or external validation.

When we do this,  it allows us to come from a more purposeful, intentional, and creative space. 


For women business owners especially, we are natural nurturers and caregivers. That’s who we are in our DNA. And so it’s very easy to build our businesses and build our lives for others based on what we think is going to be the best for our team or our families. 


And while that is a part of the equation, when you can start first from an internal connection to WHAT YOU WANT versus starting externally for WHO YOU’RE DOING IT FOR- without needing to rationalize your why- then you’re going to see much more power, energy, and clarity return to you.


Many of us have spent way too much time this year in co-dependent creation- creating goals based on something external and then justifying decisions that don’t really align with our values.


So the next time you find yourself doing that, take a moment to pause and ask yourself if that is still serving you. 


And if not, leave the justification behind in 2022 and let your internal compass lead you into 2023 without looking back! 

2. Obligation

where are you doing things because you think you should or doing things because at one point you could have done them and so now you want to make up for that? Where are you operating in things because you think you have to? 


That is not true. 


And when you can start to assess this, you can start to become more purposeful instead of operating in a sense of obligation. 



Now, let’s clarify something.


We all have obligations and responsibilities – both personally and professionally-but there’s an important distinction between obligation, responsibility, and ownership. 


You can choose to use any of these three energies doing the same task, but the way you feel the entire time will be completely different. 


For example, when you’re operating in obligation, you are operating as if things are happening to you. You have lower energy,  “Oooof, I HAVE to take care of this,” and it feels like a burden. When something becomes an obligation instead of an opportunity or choice, it takes away from your sense of freedom and joy in life. 


On the other hand, when you show up to life with ridiculous ownership, nothing can get in your way. 


It is decision and execution.




The outcome or the result of the task is going to be different because you’re bringing all of yourself to the table in ownership versus bringing a part of yourself in obligation because you really don’t want to be doing it. And when you invest that kind of energy, what kind of withdrawals do you think you’re going to take out? 


Spoiler alert, they’re not great!


When you bring ownership to the table, you can expect that you’ll complete whatever needs to be done and that you’ll be able to take the high road energetically throughout the process. 


So where are you burdened right now? Where are you looking at your life as if maybe there’s no choice? Where are you looking at areas of your life where you feel it’s happening to you?  


Move from obligation to ownership in that area, and watch how that area of your life and 2023 completely changes!


3. Toleration

Too often in life, we tolerate things that no longer serve us just because they are familiar or because we don’t want to rock the boat.


But tolerating negative situations, people, or attitudes is not conducive to success or personal growth. 


When we tolerate something, it gives us an excuse not to take action when we know something needs to be done.  When we tolerate something, we are not fully choosing the way we want our life to go. 


So, instead of accepting mediocrity or complacency, challenge yourself by taking steps toward improvement. 


And here’s how.


Bring awareness to where you are tolerating things in your life because with awareness comes true change. 


Ask yourself, “What am I putting up with right now?” 


And if anything on your list isn’t making you feel energized and inspired, then it’s time for it to go! 


Happy in the New Year

As women business owners, entrepreneurs, and leaders we have so much power inside of us just waiting to be unleashed! 


So as we move into 2023, let’s make conscious choices about how we spend our time and energy each day. 


Let’s focus on trusting ourselves, pursuing what lights us up without compromising, and creating boundaries around what does not align with our values so that we can open up space for more joy and abundance in our lives.


With this mindset shift in place, we are going to call back a large amount of energy so that we can not only set the goals that we want to achieve for next year but actually dive into the steps that are going to help us fulfill what it is that we want because we’re not going to have the distractions of justification, obligation, and toleration. 


Those three things left behind allow us to be intentional, to be in full ownership, and to bring the level of energy and conviction to the table that our 2023 goals require of us.


In other words, when you say goodbye to justifications, obligations & tolerations, you’re also saying hello to reclaiming energy so powerful that it helps manifest all of goals into reality! 


And to that we say, congrats for choosing to put HAPPY in your new year!